Economy Coatings

Does your product really require an expensive coating?

Let us talk to you about the benefits of OFF-SPEC paints and coatings!

For those customers who need extremely competitive pricing, Barbee Paint & Coatings Company is for you!

BP&C can formulate products using distressed materials purchased in the off-spec market. These products maintain high performance integrity, and long-lasting durability, while meeting hard-to-reach price points.

Let BP&C help you determine if Economy Coatings are right for you. Use the form on this page to request more information.

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Worried about meeting specific EPA and OSHA requirements? Barbee Paint & Coatings Company can formulate a product to meet these standards. Add extremely competitive pricing and personal service, and you have a perfect match for your company's needs.


Why are Barbee Paint products so popular? We work with customers who are using solvent-based paints and provides a water-based counterpart so environmentally friendly it eliminates many OSHA and EPA concerns. We follow up with testing.


Let our lab provide the testing and documentation needed for your application.


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